Gold & Humanity: An everlasting attraction to Gold.

Gold is a non reactive metal and does not oxidise easily like iron or copper that tarnishes and become dull rather quickly. Gold keeps its shine for ages under normal conditions. This characteristic of gold has earned it the title of being a “noble metal”. Though it does dissolve in certain chemicals, these reagents are not available in the natural environment. Thus gold couple with its shine and lack of reactive ness does not irritate the human skin. Also it being a super conductor of heat and electric currents makes it unique by any measure. The mining of gold is thought to be seven thousand years old. An estimated assumption places the attraction between humans and the heavy element aurum (Latin for gold) at close to en thousand years if not more. A passage in the bible from the book of genesis states that “and the gold in the land of Havilah is good”. Also a scroll from the code of Menes (approximately from 2000 BC) states the first known measure of gold.

The practice of alchemy was also wide spread throughout Europe. The science of alchemy which sought to convert common base metal into gold was pursued for almost half a century and it survived even when the churches condemn the act as paganism and at times were punishable by death. The search for the philosopher’s stone finally ended in 1980- when a nuclear atomic particle smashing unit actually converted lead into gold. These atomic accelerators fire electrons into other atomic structures that cause them to release the protons from the nucleus which give the atoms their character. The alchemist dreams were finally achieved. The fascination with gold after thousands of years has not ended but in retrospect has grown into pure obsession. Gold mines are deeper and more dangerous than ever before with the deepest gold mines reaching depths of 13,000 feet. Gold has become to humans the only real money worth keeping. Each time a financial crisis looms the prices of gold spike, due to the general population converting cash for gold in panic. This phenomenon has taken place thrice in the past century making gold the highest price leaper among all other commodities. Securing personal assets by hoarding gold is a common trait to the masses of the world in times of economic turbulence or social unrest.